Pack Up and Away

When moving from location to location, depending on the size of the move, you’re probably going to need something to contain all of your stuff. One of the neatest and most useful inventions in mankind’s history has been thought of the common box.

One of the more likely sayings you have heard is to think outside of the box, but what if you are packing the stuff that you thought of outside the box into the box, what would you think about that now?


Boxes are very useful for packing other boxes shaped items inside of it. If you have something that has a definite shape and is common enough to fill a box, you are going to find out just how easy it will be pack away. Let’s say you have a ton of dvds that you want to take with you on a move. Well, an erratic person would toss a large pile of dvds into the box and think nothing of the most efficient way to cram them in. Well, rather than take many trips of lots of boxes, lets get efficient with what we are doing. Dvd’s all have the same exact shape as one another, a large rectangular shape. Instead of tossing them into the box and utilizing all of the space efficiency that it could take up, put each dvd back to front to the other. Begin to create a row of these dvds from one parallel side to the other. After you go from one side to the other, create another row next to until there is no room to create another. From here, you can put some dvds facing an angle 90 degrees from the current way, and slide some extra next to rows established to utilize the most room. If there is more room to add to fill out the box, the shape of the dvds allow you to create many different variants of ways you can utilize the given space of the box. You can create more rows on top of the ones already created, you can stack dvds one on top of the other to create columns, or you can just create a giant box of them of many different formations.

baby in the box

The thing with boxes, they are quite excellent at packing away things that come with the same shape and hard edges as itself, as well as being able efficiently pack away other necessities. As opposed to a bag, which doesn’t have established edges and corners, boxes will also not compromise their shape depending on what is inside the box. Boxes are usually made of stiff and sturdy material like cardboard, metal, or steel. Common moving boxes are mat with thick cardboard and can be used for many different kinds of uses.

Some things that I have used cardboard boxes for before in my life have been for moving, working in the food industry and boxes would ocntain food, whether it be frozen or fresh, I have used boxes for storage needs, I have also used boxes for their stack-able uses and put my clothing in a stack of boxes, I have used a box as a computer lift to allow my computer monitor screen to eye level with me, I have used about 5 boxes as a bed and blanket. There are so many random uses for a box, don’t hold yourself back and start using them today. Don’t let the rest of the box using world get ahead of you if you can’t compete with their box using ways.