When the time for a gift comes around for a person, people are most likely to be satisfied with their gifts if they get to enjoy the novelty of tearing off the wrapping paper and opening a box. When you hand someone an envelope with a simple gift card, ticket, or money, there is only so much that can fit into an envelope. People are less likely to be surprised by what they find in the envelope as there are only so many things that can fit in there. With a box, there is an absurd amount of things that could be hiding inside. Basically nothing is predictable by stashing away your gift in a box.

One Christmas year, my grandparents played a little trick on me the whole time. My grandma had asked what I would like for Christmas, and I was upfront and honest with her and told her that money is tight, and anything that could help my finances would be a delight.

Well for Christmas that year, to my astonishment, there would loads of presents that were signed to me underneath the tree. I was puzzled, but had no anguish toward the situation. So as we sat down around the living room and gifts were beginning to be passed around, my grandma brought my first gift up to me with a big smile on her face in the form of a very large box. I was again very unsure of what to expect as I had year in and year out received presents in a large box and gift cards and money in an envelope. But, the excitement stirred inside me as I awaited to open it.


As I checked up upon the present in my hand, there was some weight in it that felt very peculiar. I did not know what to expect, perhaps some new clothing, maybe a new drill part, or maybe a funny gag toy. Whatever it may be, I was not going to wait any longer to sit and find out. I tore the wrapping paper off delicately, and was presented with a cardboard box represented a usps flat rate box. I thought this was a little odd and opened the box, peeped my head in, and to my surprise, there was a box of Quaker Granola Cereal, which happened to be favorite cereal. I was surprised, but happy as hell to say the least. I thought it was kind of cute that my grandma even knew what my favorite cereal happened to be. She gave me wink and I knew that meant there was more coming. I assumed she would be presenting me with a couple of these gag gifts awaiting me, but I knew she still planned on helping me out this Christmas.

As I opened a couple more of these gag gifts, I knew something was a little strange, and I was also a little hungry, which caused me to act a little bit peculiar. So I grabbed one of those Quaker granola cereal boxes and, tried to pen one. To my surprise and astonishment, the box seemed to be hot glued shut. It appears as if someone had already opened the box and glued it shut after messing with it. Well I was not going to play the fool any longer. I was determined to get to the bottom of this. I collected all of my boxes of cereal, and examined each one in an investigative manner to try and discover what lied inside.

dog in box

After all of my boxes were open, and all of my bags and boxes of cereal lied in front of me, I opened each box one by one until each one lied open. I examined each box of cereal one by one to where whatever lied inside was clearly visible for me to grab. The first box I checked was the Quaker granola cereal, I reached inside the ¬†box where there was an envelope that was taped to the side of the box. “How clever,” I thought. I finally winked back at my grandmother to let her know I too knew what was going on. The wink was a sign of my affection and gratitude towards her. I figured she planned to help me with my finances, and I knew she knew that I would greatly appreciate that.

Just a fun little story I remember experiencing years ago.

The point is, that she used a box to store her gift. By doing so, she kept me engaged with the gift giving ceremony, and I was always on edge with the next gift. By having the cereal inside the box, and the envelope attached to the inner surface area of the box, I was always on my toys, not knowing what surprise awaited me.

When you are going to your next birthday party, wedding, or during the Christmas, Hannukah, and other gift giving seasons, make your gift remembered and always use a box to store whatever you decide to give. Make a little bit fun for the gift opener and keep them surprised. Imagine what your level of surprise would be with a pile of envelopes opening each one, being able to predict from just a few imagined gifts inside, or a box with basically unlimited results.

Choose wisely what to get the gift receiver this year. And whatever it is, make sure it is in a box.