Outside the Box

What is your great fear?

Most of modern society will come up with fears of pain, heights, abandonment, public speaking, or some other pre-conceived belief they harbor that holds them back from experience. We all have something in particular we fear, and it is perfectly okay. We also have things that make us feel whole. Talking with other people, being with your friends, enjoying time with your family, exercise, learning, and so on. What is it that takes up your mind more? Fear? Excitement? Ideas? Same-ol’-same-ol? Boring life? What would you rather have take up your mind?

What is not okay is holding back creativity. Perhaps the greatest and most common fear held in today’s society is to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. Whether it be due to religious beliefs telling you that your thoughts are wrong, immoral, and not to be thought of, the reinforcement of others that creative thoughts are stupid, or anything else, the belief that thinking outside of the box is stupid is completely backwards and absolutely the opposite idea that is correct.

out the box

Thinking outside the box is the best thing you can do to contribute to society during your time here on Earth. When people’s thoughts are stifled and they are told to conform to the norms of society, they are being completely withheld from reaching their true potential. Anything that has been accomplished, and will be accomplished came due in part from people thinking differently from anyone else.

In my life, I had the blessing of being mentored by smart and free thinking member’s of society. My parents were rebellious in their own ways by having a child under the age of 18. And, being a young child growing up around people who could share the same generation of people as me allowed them to confide in me a lot of their insights that they developed through their life to that point. When I was in my teenage years, a family friend of my parents started to become a major mentor in my life. Throughout my life up until that point, one thing that I heard often in school was that I did not fit in. Having started his own business, WalnutCreekPests.com at the ripe age of 19, he was not necessarily a society conformer. He did not get a traditional job after high school, did not go to college, and he seemed to not care what others thought of him. He told me the biggest advice that he had to share was to something he heard from Robert Downey Junior. “Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway.” These words are powerful because, while, most of what people have to say is B.S., do the courtesy of listening and see if there is anything you can take from it. Other’s opinions can influence you, but if you are a free enough thinker, you can use what you learn and still do whatever you want to anyway.

One common theme growing up in this world has been children being told to “fit in,” and be “apart of the group.” To do so brings an enormous burden on a young mind and they begin to develop their thinking to be just like everyone else. The people on this Earth who are just like everyone else end up blending in, and their originality is squandered. The people who are apart of a group are not noticed in society, and when they die, they are forgotten by everyone except the people they were immediately around. The saddest thing that can happen to you in life is to come to this Earth, and be just like everyone else.

There is something to be said of people who think creatively and act abstract compared to the rest of society. These people are truly the ones who get noticed. Whether it be for good or bad reason, people will talk about those who are not by any means of the word “normal.” Nobody likes to talk about the normies. Nothing that is the same as everything else is exciting, it’s actually quite boring.

Think about this the  next time you are in a discussion with a close group of people. Where does the conversation go? What was the topic of the conversation? What did you carry from that conversation.  Did you learn anything?

Most of the day to day conversation, whether it be with close-knit group or random stranger, the conversation will fall on talking about people, places, events, or ideas. People stories can be interesting, if the person in the story is interesting. Most stories about average people are boring and it is the conversations that discuss extraordinary people that will catch our memories. Places and events are somewhat of the same category. These conversations can be a more interesting conversation than about a person, but unless the event or place was experienced with another person, it is hard to get involved in conversation about experiencing a place or event without having been apart of it yourself. And places and events are a solid idea, and cannot be really changed from the reality of what happened there. Ideas are the upper echelon of conversation. In a conversation about ideas, people are allowed to think in their most creative manner and challenge their own beliefs. Religious beliefs, political, space, time, and other concepts can really have a strong influence on your psyche. Conversations that are a force on your brain to the ways of learning can be very influential on the paths taken and experienced in everyday life. The only way to have these type of conversations is to embrace other concepts that you are not familiar with. Being unfamiliar with something is the main concept behind human evolution. The beings that are not able to adapt with society to not integrate, and do not survive to the fullest. Also, think about conversations about ideas. When is the last time you talked about politcal ideas that you are not familiar with? Or spirituality that is different from your line of being? Or how about the last time you talked about your very own existence and is this all reality, is it a dream, or are you just an idea and actually just a line of code living within the matrix where every thought and conversation that you have ever had in your entire life has not been a coincidence and actually just implanted by some exterior influence. Are you the final form of your species, or in a million years will your DNA have transformed into a different kind of species? These lines of thought are all discussed when you travel outside the box in your conversation. If you stay inside the box, then you will live a repetitive life that did not matter.