Storage Containers

This topic can be about two different things that are on opposite sides of the spectrum for the storing of items.

One line of thought would fall down the rabbit hold of storing containers that have a lot of your stuff in them.

The other line of thinking would go down the spectrum of actually storing your stuff in a storage facilities.

Well, let’s go down that rabbit hole.

I have a lot of experience using boxes as my main storage containers to just hold all of the possessions that I had. There was a lot of random stuff I had piling up in my home, and Iit took somebody else saying something to me to figure out how to organize all of my stuff. The reason I am so into boxes is that they literally saved my life. I was a hoarder. I was going down a touchy path where I was starting to live in my own filth, and there was just no way to actually get to cleaning and take care of the mess that accumulated over the years. Thank the heavens I made a serious life choice that changed it for the better. By establishing that I will store all of the random stuff I had in boxes, it created enough space for me to use for other things. I was actually able to clean my home again. I could have people over to the house without feeling embarrassed about the mess in the other room. My life was becoming whole again, and it was honestly thanks to the storage boxes that I had.

storage container

Storage container facilities are the next topic of choice when people think of that word. ┬áStorage units are usually used for people who like to keep their excess assets away from the house, or just store them for using for another time. There were a lot of fun times I had at storage facilities. My grandfather used to go bidding on storage lockers to claim them at an auction. The situation was just like the tv show, Storage Wars! My grandpa actually kind of looked like Barry, on the show haha. Anyways, gramps will bid on a locker to take home what was inside in search of high priced relics, and goodies to resell at a higher price. Grandpa always did have a passion for searching for treasures to rank and bank. I miss that sucker. I have a funny story about him. This one locker that ws up for auction, by grandpa got into a fierce bidding war with the gentleman. There was not much in the locker other than some pool equipment and other supplies. My grandpa claimed he needed equipment to clean his jacuzzi, but I did not believe him. I thought he did not want to be outbid by these young fellow and went at him. After grandpa hiked the price of so high that it was just unreasonable, the young man caved. Afterwards, the young guy came over and said, “You win old ┬áman.” As he trotted away, we saw him jump into his work truck and drive away. Turns out he was starting a new business doing pool and hot tub cleaning. This young cat was trying to get equipment to use for everyday cleaning. My grandpa, bless his heart, felt so bad when I told him who he was the following week after I ran into him. He felt so bad, that he piled everything into his Volkswagen Van and brought it over to man’s house as an apology present for letting his nerves get the best of his heart.

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Anyways, searching through storage units can be very profitable if you know exactly what you are looking for, and how to price everything before you take it in a truck to wherever you have storage to begin the resell process.

I am just starting to dip my toes in the storage locker business. I have gotten some great relics, and oddly enough, some top of the line boxes that some of the materials were in. I actually could go in search of goodies and still always come out ahead. I always knew that if someone was going to use such a nice box, there definitely was going to be something valuable in it.

That everyone, is in a nutshell where I have been earning my living from.

storage lockers

I have also started to build a new house in the middle of the Wyoming forests. Not gonna tell you exactly where, but you will all find me soon enough. I decided to build my home out of a storage container. You know, the ones that are on huge semi trucks that transport goods across the world in just about every country. I have actually started to learn how re use these probably thought to be useless hunks of metal, and form a building out of it. One that I could live in.

storage containers

There is a show that is starting on one of those cable channels where people are starting to build houses out of storage containers. I thought I was one of the first people that came up with the idea, but apparently enough people know about it and will know about it because there is a whole hour long segment on tv about it everyday.