My Favorite Boxes

Yes, I know I have an odd fascination with boxes, and I agree it is just that… odd…

I was formerly a hoarder in my 30’s and 40’s. After my husband and I split, I was left with the house, and he did not really take much. I was left with all the stuff in a house for two people. One day, I decided that I was going to pack up half of the house and put everything that I did not necessarily need away. I started putting a whole bunch of his stuff in garbage bags and packed them away in one of the extra rooms. After years of piling other random stuff that I did not need, but did not think I should throw it away, I was left with a room full of scattered bags. I thought to myself that all the bag piled together made it very difficult to distinguish what exactly was in each bag, and where a certain something would be within the pile. Pretty soon, I started making purchases because I could not find something that I knew I had packed away but just did not know which bag it was in.

One day, a friend of mine who had seen what this room turned into and the way my life was going and brought over a ton of boxes to use. Together, we started to take everything that was in the bags out, organizing it, and then proceeding to categorize everything. From there, we started packing away some of the stuff into the boxes where I would then label the category of each box.

Due to the stacking nature of the boxes that I had, it was very easy to see what kind of organization these boxes had on all of the stuff I had. Pretty soon, the floor was visible, and we were making piles of boxes that nearly touched the ceiling.

By the end of the organizing, my room went from filled to the ceiling in some spots with piles of bags, to only one-third of the room filled to the ceiling with boxes. I was wowed by the result of the organization, and from then on, I had an addiction to boxes.

I then began to put nearly everything I had into boxes. I would build box forts, I would pack stuff away in a box, and then unpack it somewhere else. I would create box men and play games with them. One of my favorite activities to do with the boxes was to create a whole bunch of box men, set them up around the dinner table, then proceed to have an imaginary dinner with them. I knew it was a little crazy, but I never thought I could have so much fun with inanimate objects.

This leads me to boxes of choice. The top box I use is primarily used for organization purposes. It is very easy to carry around and move from place to place, it is formed in a hardly rectangular shape. Two of the four sides are longer than the other two, but not by much. This allows a great amount of diversity in storage, easy to carry around, and great for stacking purposes.

I present to you, one of the best selling boxes in history, and takes the crown for number one box in the world It is the Bankers Box Smooth Move Moving Box!!!!

bankers box



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